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12pm, Saturday 11th March 2017

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Danielle Cutler: It’s just after midday and you’re listening to WSBfm. I’m Danielle Cutler with the latest news.

Blacktown City Council has today rejected plans for an alternative energy facility at Eastern Creek in Sydney’s West. A State initiative, the proposed Energy-from-Waste facility would burn rubbish to generate electricity. Amidst worries about the potential impact on health and air quality, almost two thousand Blacktown and Western Sydney residents have voiced their concerns to the State Department of Planning and Environment. Comments on the proposal are due this month.

Over a thousand women, children and men took to the streets of Sydney for the 2017 International Women’s Day March this morning. They came together to promote equality in health, representation, safety and economic independence, as part of a growing movement for the stronger protection of women’s rights. Jayde Fletcher, a fundraiser for the UN Human Rights Council said the event was empowering.

Jayde Fletcher: “I think women are definitely an oppressed group, and I think that coming together as a kind of oppressed group, it’s amazing to be able to have that kind of power and uplift yourselves. It’s really cool that it has involved not just women but men, and, you know, transgender people, and kind of everyone can come in and celebrate, you know, feminism and the power of women.”

Danielle Cutler: International Women’s Day events will continue throughout the first week of March.

In other news, an Iranian-Australian man is seeking repatriation after spending fifteen years in indefinite detention at one of Sydney’s high security mental health facilities. Following news of his mother’s failing health, Saeed Dezfouli will appear before the Mental Health Tribunal in an application to be reunited with her in Iran. Charged with setting fire to a government building, Mr Dezfouli was acquitted on the grounds of mental illness in 2002. He has since been held at the Forensic Hospital in Chifley. His hearing is scheduled for later this month.

And it looks like we’re in for another wet afternoon. They’re predicting twenty millimetres of rain over the next couple of hours before we finally get a glimpse of sun tomorrow.

That’s been the news this hour. I’m Danielle Cutler, stay tuned to WSBfm 89.5.


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